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We believe that a healthy body can defend itself against disease. Our body’s natural tendency is to heal.

In ELIXIV we use five steps to health to help the body find the balance it needs to heal.

1. Immune Modulation

Restoring healthy immune functions is a foundational treatment for those with chronic degenerative diseases. Several natural substances act as immune modulators. Some can be taken orally, and others need to be injected.

 2. Nutritional Optimization

Nutritional optimization includes optimizing diet with nutritional consults, adding in quality supplementation with nutraceuticals and herbal medicine.

By applying orthomolecular medicine, we use vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to promote health and healing in the body.

High intravenous doses of these agents show a pharmaceutical effect and can immediately impact the immune system and metabolism.

 3. Detoxification

A detox regimen helps the body rid itself of toxins while improving metabolic function and supporting the immune system. 

Our detoxification therapies include 

  • IVs (selenium, chelation, and more)
  • Coffee enema therapies 
  • Special Diet
  • Infrared sauna 
  • Homeopathic medicine


4. Personalized Treatments

We understand the power of bio-individuality and thus customize the program to fit your specific needs.

Our medical team will select the most appropriate treatments for you to win the fight against cancer.

Local hyperthermia, IV Laetrile, and sono-dynamic therapy, for example, are treatments that we integrate into our natural approach to treating cancer.

 5. Emotional Therapy

Emotional therapy focuses on mind and body interaction. Patients are professionally guided to recognize patterns in their life that may have made them susceptible to diseases.

Deep-seated tension and internal stress are released, and the self-healing powers of the body are stimulated.

Chronic pain, disability, and injuries can trigger emotional responses that have a negative effect on our mental health. Our feelings are the result of the release of specific chemicals in our bodies.

Emotional therapy explores techniques that effectively change the chemical ‘soup’ in our bodies to positively affect our health.

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ELIXIV Cost and Additional Expenses

Cancer program cost: $ 9,000 – $ 12,000 a week.

A program is usually 3 weeks, with a one-week minimum.

The price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals 6 days a week
  • Transportation services
  • Nursing service
  • All Treatments
  • Check up
  • Translator service
  • Concierge service
Included in the Price:
Airport Transportation
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Head Doctors

  • Lupita Sánchez – Head Nurse
  • Esther González – Clinic Manager

General Information


Av. Rodrigo Gómez SM 17, 77505 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico

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Revitalization IV therapy at Elixiv Clinic
Clínica Elixiv - Protocolo Mega Revitalizante y de desinflamación celular
Clínica Elixiv - Terapia Boost de Energía

Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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ELIXIV Reviews

16 reviews
December 2021
Medical Condition Autoimmune Disease/ Body Detox

Traveling from the USA, I was promised many undelivered services within my 2 week treatment package. Upon inquiring, each staff member suggested another person would resolve or address, using sudden language-barriers to cover as misunderstandings to avoid any resolution as promised. I have patiently waited a month for follow-up, while all staff members have avoided communications, without addressing the thousands of dollars wasted on services still unfulfilled.

I am convinced ELIXIV has removed their company name from Google business listings and maps, to remove visibility of their company’s poor reviews. Why travel to a place that the company address cannot even be listed by Google? Red flag number one!

All reviews on sites such as these are unquestionably fake, advertising to an international patient for services and experience that do not remotely match the clinic’s generic spa-service type capabilities.

Stay away! Con clinic using highly commissioned middle-men to sell you the hope of health, by over promising services by a doctor delivering nothing more than low dose, over the counter vitamin supplements and sub-par IV services available in basic spa atmospheres rarely requiring physician oversights. Certainly not an atmosphere to treat patients with technology or medical equipment for curative medical protocols. Certainly not a clinic worthwhile of traveling more than 15 miles! Very Big Rip off. Snake oil.

Previous Treatments Radiation
Diet Organic
Improvements No improvement
August 2021
Deborah E
Medical Condition Cancer

I received high dose vitamin C for 3 weeks at Elixiv for my cancer. The care I received was outstanding. Dr. Ojeda is very knowledgeable about cancer since he worked for Hope4cancer for many years. My medical tests afterwards showed much improvement as my cancer cells are dying. Now all I need to do is work on detox.
His staff, Pita (best nurse in the world!) and the lovely Estella were also very helpful and made our time at Elixiv very comfortable. We are also grateful for the help of the drivers, Anna and Betty who took us anywhere we needed to go during our stay in Cancun. Also, we are thankful for Andres, who coordinated it all.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
Improvements Other
August 2021
Medical Condition Cancer

It was exactly what I was looking for, professional team and professional treatments

Diet Vegan
Improvements Other
March 2021
Medical Condition Fatigue

I felt and i feel weak after Covid ,so i decided to try an intravenous nutrition treatment in this clínic.The doctor visited me for an hour and decided for mineral and vitamins (severas ones ) The nurse was really soft and kind(i don t line needles) and i felt better 2 days after during my workout.i even slept better .now i want to try the detox

Previous Treatments None
Improvements General mood
March 2021
Talaena Marven
Medical Condition Pre and Post Operative Support

When travelling to another country for surgery, there are a lot of stresses and anxieties. When I arrived at the clinic, I felt relieved and relaxed as it was obvious it is a professional environment. Everything was clean and up to date. The staff were very kind. The doctor explained everything very clearly, what to expect, and what I needed to know to help them help me. The nurse who did the IV was excellent. My post op visit, they came to me at my recovery house. Which was great as I was in no physical condition for any amount of travel. Unfortunately, I was so dehydrated the poor nurse had a hard time getting a vein. So we agreed I would work on my hydration and they would come back. When they did come back a few days later, everything went flawlessly. The doctor and I chatted about various things while the infusion flowed. Thank you for making my experience so positive. I will say, the infusion was very beneficial. I have never come out of anesthetic and felt GOOD. People were stating that my skin looked great and not the usual grey you get from anesthetic. I didn't feel toxic either. That elixir did the trick!

Previous Treatments None
Diet Low Sugar
Improvements Other
March 2021
Medical Condition Skletal issues

This clinic is fabulous! They are wonderful and provide the best care. I'll be back again soon.

Previous Treatments None
Improvements General mood
February 2021
Medical Condition Apofisis

Mi hijo tuvo una lesión en la cadera y el diagnóstico del Dr. fue muy acertado, nos solicitó los estudios exactos y el tratamiento y la terapia fue muy buena.

Previous Treatments None
Improvements Pain
February 2021
Medical Condition Immune system

I was looking for a very long time for a good IV clinic, It was important for me, that the place will be professional - this place has top of the line Doctors and nurses, they are very kind and thoughtful, my doctor there has more than 15 years experience, honestly i This is the first time I feel safe with my crew because I wasn’t so safe with my crew but it back at home.

Diet Organic
Google Reviews
Based on 8 reviews
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I had an excellent experience here for my pre and post operative IV treatments. The staff their are so kind, and really ensured my comfort. I am scared of needles, so the fact that they were able to make me feel at ease speaks volumes. Both times I've received treatment, I have felt reenergized and hydrated. Next time I am in Cancun, I will return to try their other IV therapies.
Excellent service, they receive you with great kindness, they give you a delicious tea 😋, you receive the therapy in a reposet that helps you relax!!, in which the nurse places the IV so delicately that you don't feel anything!! and the IV they gave me was trace elements, it gave me a boost of energy very quickly!!…. delighted with the service and the results 🤩
At first I was nervous because my veins were small, but Lupita did it super fast and with excellent treatment. Super recommended ❤️
Excellent attention, very comfortable facilities and the nurse with a lot of experience. I recommend them!!!
Excellent! The therapies they provide help a lot to improve health, the treatment provided is the best of all, I am someone who is very anxious and since I arrived they treated me with patience and a lot of tact. I recommend it 100 x 100!
Excellent patient experienceImprovement in one's health due to the different treatments they use

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