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Real Health Medical is proud to offer Atlanta’s diverse population one-of-a-kind integrative medical care. In Roswell and Stockbridge, Georgia, the clinic has two convenient sites.

Real Health Medical’s approach to healthcare is unique in that it combines traditional treatment with proven alternative remedies. Rather than just treating the symptoms, the team wants to get to the bottom of each patient’s problem. Patients are greeted by a kind and dedicated staff when they come to Real Health Medical. Medical practitioners form professional connections with patients, listen to all of their problems, and build tailored care plans that fulfill their specific requirements.

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  • Dr Rhett Bergeron

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555 Sun Valley Drive suite d4, Roswell, GA 30076, USA

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Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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Real Health Medical
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If you care to receive appropriate medical attention AVOID this clinic. They will suck you dry of every dollar you have in exchange for nothing. They overcharge at least 3x for any medicine and they order lab tests and forget to share the results with you; as a bonus they'll call you SEVEN months later explaining how they made a mistake in their billing and you owe them even more. THIEVES. They'll hang up on you and dismiss you impolitely. Filing a complaint with the Georgia Composite Medical Board for medical negligence and fraud, a physician cannot order a test that he/she thinks can help determine an illness and a course of treatment, and forget to share the results with you for SEVEN months, much less attempt to charge you for it and offer to share the results then, SHAMEFUL. The Georgia Attorney General Consumer Division will be notified too through a complaint. As a potential victim of these people you've been warned.
I needed alternative care rather than chemo if I wanted to protect my remaining damage kidney. Dr. Bergeron was innovative and knowledgeable and one of only 3 Doctors in America that had the wide array of tools that I wanted. I am healthier than I've been in years. I highly reccomend him!
I have been seeing Judy Shafer at Real Health Medical for about 5 months now. She has helped me more than any other practitioner so far. She is a great listener and she cares about getting to the root causes. She is very skilled in NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique). I have had this treatment before with little success but Judy has been spot on and my healing has begun. Supplements are expensive but I have comfort knowing that she has tested them specifically for my body. I have done a ton of parasite cleanses but the supplements she has put me on have given me better results than I have ever had. Healing is a journey, not a race. It takes time, patience and commitment. I am confident Judy has me on the right path.
I take no joy in sharing this, only the deepest of regrets for having ever considered the services of Dr. Rhett Bergeron and Real Health Medical.My beloved wife, Cynthia (Cindy) Garmon was diagnosed on 4/10/2023 with a NeuroEndocrine Carcinoma. I subsequently discovered too late that this was an AGGRESIVE form of a NeuroEndocrine Tumor (NET). In the meantime we scheduled an appointment with CTCA Cancer Treatment Centers of America.We had arranged the 2nd/3rd opinion with RHM to see what they had to offer. Dr. Bergeron indicated that the numbers he saw from the diagnostics we provided from CTCA were not great but manageable. Furthermore, he stated that the thing they were seeing the best results from was IPT! This was literally music to our ears especially after meeting with the male nurse who would be administering the chemo.After reviewing my policy, I discovered that these treatment options would need to be pre-authorized by the insurance provider. So, I reached out to RHM to obtain this information only to be told they would have to get it from the doctor. I cannot overstate the amount of stress this caused, and I was in tears with frustration from their lack of urgency to provide me the information needed.Then came the day when my wife coughed up blood for the first time in her life. So, we immediately contacted that doctor thinking we would hear back soon as they were not available. After all, this was the treatment facility we had chosen and thought they would be concerned and get back to us quickly. It didn't happen.Then, came our 2nd huge disappointment with RHM. She completed her IPT that day and we purchased additional supplements to address some of the things they were seeing. These supplements were in glass bottles that fell out of my truck when we got home and 2 of the bottles broke. Again, we called RHM and asked what we should do given the situation. They had ABSOLUTELY no sense of urgency and we were told no one would be contacting us. In fact, the Patient Coordinator tried to book a follow up appointment weeks later instead. I was incredulous. I made the mistake of texting the male nurse that evening and explaining the situation to him. To our astonishment he did a total 180 degree turn around regarding his level of concern. He told me that he as just the guy who administered the IPT and there was nothing he could do and was upset that I had contacted him via text.I was ENRAGED and everything in me wanted to FIRE them. Yet I felt desperate as I knew my wife would not have wanted to make this change. I swallowed what pride I had and begged them to help my wife. So, we continued to receive treatment from RHM despite their obvious callousness and unconcern for the gravity of the situation.My wife's condition continued to worsen day by day. We called her primary care physician who advised us to go to the ER. We did and she was admitted. Despite their efforts after more than a week, the hospital doctors indicated there was nothing more they could do.They transferred her to Sacred Journey Hospice on Saturday August 5, 2023. Her sister's family came in that day, and I prepared to stay home that night and return the next morning. It was about 9pm and I couldn't stand not being with her and was overwhelmed with emotion. I had my son drive us back to the hospice that evening which was close by. She passed within moments of us getting back to the room.I ABSOLUTELY feel that Real Health Medical and Dr. Bergeron are INCOMPETENT and UNCARING. He should have recognized much sooner that his prescribed treatments were not working. I strongly ADVISE and RECOMMEND that you NOT go to them for Cancer Treatment. Dr. Bergeron should have recognized that he was WAY over his head with this disease. We spent thousands of dollars for their treatment. In the end I will rate them with a single star and rate myself with a NEGATIVE 10 for going to them in the first place. I will always blame myself and carry it to my grave. She was my EVERYTHING! This was much longer and detailed but Google only allows 4096 characters.
This was my first gynecological visit with Dr. Tom. He is very knowledgeable in both gynecology and also has a holistic approach which is important to me. He took the time to answer my questions and gave very thorough explanations. I am so happy Dr. Tom joined this practice. He fits right in!
I have been to many doctors and paid a fortune for labs that didn’t tell me much. I had an appointment with the PA, Molly. She listened to me and did not order any new lab test. Instead of prescribing me a bunch of supplements or meds, we started with 1. She also gave me a lot of advice that I could look into myself. Overall it was a good visit.
I’ve been seeing Molly at RHM for almost 2 years now. Over the course of time, she has been able to narrow down my ailments through different types of testing. Yes, 2 years is a long time, but I’ve been really ill with numerous symptoms. And I’m so glad that I placed my health in the hands of functional medicine professionals. I have been very happy with my care and I’m thankful that these professionals recommend clean supplements that actually work, rather than a bunch of prescriptions that just cause me more harm.
I am so thankful that a friend recommended me to Real Health Medical. Several staff are helping me on a very scary and complex health journey. They are committed to getting to the root of the problem and never give up assessing my symptoms and labs to make a plan for my care. We cover a lot at my appointments and I always feel heard and validated. Thank you very much for caring and never giving up on trying to help me get better. God bless
As an Integrative Behavior Professional and Addiction and Brain Health Specialist, I am so grateful and thankful for the integrity and excellence that is displayed through the staff and services offered at Real Health Medical. Dr. Rhett Bergeron is an esteemed medical doctor that is truly iconic. His level of care, empathy, compassion and EXPERTISE is beyond the call of duty. His committment to his clients is evident as he has made himself available after hours on phone calls on several occastion. Dr. B and Real Health Medical is truly a much needed service in our community and I know has impacted and optimized the lives of so many. Thank you guys for bringing hope in a space that is MUCH NEEDED. God Bless you guys.
Real Health Medical has faithfully been caring and compassionate during a challenging time with a family member. They maintain integrity, excellence, and an element of humanity that is missing in this industry. Thankful for your patience with my family member and with our situation. Dr. Bergeron and his staff are iconic. Thank you for the incredible services and kindness that you provide. Looking forward to continued service and referring many to this invaluable service. Thank you Dr. Bergeron for all you do. And Lyn! and Staff!
Real Heath Medical is top notch. Molly is our family PA. To say she and the whole staff at RHM, go above and beyond what is expected is an understatement. The level of care Molly has given to each of my family members, 2 college age daughters with hormone issues, a husband for yearly health check ups and myself going through menopause dismissed by other drs, has far surpassed anything in we have gotten in the traditional medical sector. The appointments are not rushed, Molly takes times to go over blood work, make suggestions, talk though specific issues and really help get to the bottom of what's going on. I feel like Molly is our own personal PA and knows and cares for each one of us. My daughters have no hesitation reaching out to her about anything concerning them and Molly is quick to respond even from afar. Molly has built such a great relationship with them allowing them to advocate for their health and wellness outside "traditional" medicine.Real Health Medical and the entire staff offer first class medical care without just writing a RX for a problem but getting the root of the cause a treating you from there. First Class medical care that puts the person first not the bottom line.
This is the response I received from the doctor. I emailed at least 12 times and called 7 times to get an appointment. Their staff either does not answer the phone or respond with full information on emails. I will not be blackmailed. I thought doctors took an oath to do no harm. It looks like they can ignore patient requests. The only outlet I had was to write a review. Now I am switching to another doctor and have at least three months without hormones. What a shame."Initial Visit with labs prior 4/2022.Follow up visit 7/2022 with recommended labs to follow (completed labs but never did a follow up to review results)Per office staff communication - Pt requests for RXs to be refilled without any apparent follow up appts / sending multiple emailsTo move forward with an appt, follow up to review the 7/2022 labs should be completed to adjust treatment plan accordinglyIf she would like to continue to be a patient here, the 1 star Google review needs to be removed per Dr. . Once this is done, OK to book patient for in person or phone 30min follow up for lab review and to fill any needed RXs if appropriate during appt time"
Real Health Medical focuses on the root cause of health issues. Molly has been exceptionally warm and effective in treating my son for POTS symptoms/Mast Cell Activation Hives and my own chronic fatigue/Lyme. She has been open to dialog always, extremely caring and on the cutting edge with treatment options. I have been to functional doctors for many over the years with no real change to my well-being. Real Health Medical is the first practice to move me towards real health after years of chronic life impairing health issues. The IV nurses are amazing as well. Soo grateful to have found this gem.*** Pro tip to get scheduled email the front desk and ask for a call back. This office is busy for good reason! ***
I really wanted to love Real Health Medical. I was referred by a friend who really trusted in the providers there. I don't want to go into detail or call out specific people by name, but I will say the following, even getting someone to contact you about scheduling your first appt is a hassle. 12-24 hours between email responses, to simple questions like "what do you have available on a Thursday". It took me days of back and forth to get my first appt scheduled. Overall my experience with Real Health Medical is as follows: there is zero follow through, poor communication, inaccurate data being presented as 'facts', unprofessionalism both in print (misspellings, contradictory dosages/frequency of medications on the printed out protocol they provide you with) and in behavior (verbally suggesting a link between my health issues and the covid vaccine... health issues that were present a year prior to covid, mind you. My provider thinking she was 20 mins late to our zoom call due to having "just gotten back from a manicure"... in reality she was ten mins early but thought our call was scheduled 30 mins prior to the actual appt time. Nonetheless, she seemed unbothered that she 'thought' she'd left me there waiting for her for 20 mins.) On numerous occasions, I had to send multiple emails asking the same questions, before anyone would get back to me. It took 9 days to even get a response (after three emails asking for the information) as to whether or not I could take one of my medications they were concerned about me taking on one of my consult calls. They had asked me to hold off until she could run it by the Dr later that day, and then I waited over a week while asking for guidance numerous times during that 9 day period. I have not experienced this degree of questionable healthcare anywhere else in my lifetime and quite literally would not feel comfortable sending any one I care about to this practice. Period. I have seen more than one provider at two locations, and I can confidently say that I would steer clear of this company and seek out advice from practices that put you with a nurse practitioner for health guidance. Google 'Lile Wellness Partners' for a better option.
Molly is awesome. The front desk called me and told me Leslie will take care of it. Leslie does NOT take care of it. Leslie is not accurate or thorough. I have been waiting a month for b12 and D3. Leslie said it’s Real Healths policy not to refill my prescriptions without a appointment. I had an appointment. Then Leslie said they can’t refill because I did not have labs. I had labs on 7/5. Infact, I have 3 of the 6 meds. Why can’t I get 2 vitamins? And the cortisol?
If you like someone that continuously sighs throughout your apppintment and a rude assistant to follow up with, then this is the place for you. If you can get past all the inaccurate information passed off as truth then look no further. It's a hard pass for me. So sorry I wasted my time and money.
Dr. Rhett was referred by a friend and he was great. Very knowledgeable when it comes to holistic health and healing. In today’s era of conveyer belt medicine, it’s rare to find a doctor who listens well and tries to get to the cause of the problem. Dr. Rhett gave a customized approach along with plan of action. I’m glad we finally found someone nearby who genuinely cares. Definitely recommend.
Highly recommend! The team at Real Health Medical were extremely polite and responsive. My wife and I requested a telehealth visit for an acute illness we were going thru, and we had our appointment an hour later, with prescriptions that day. I cannot express how grateful were are for Real Health Medical 🙏🏽
I so enjoyed speaking with Brandy. She was very helpful and thorough with the questions. That helped me be thorough with my answers. I look forward in us working together with the team for my healing.
It was a refreshing experience. From check in, to speaking with Dr. Bergeron, to blood work to check out. I felt respected with the timeliness and felt a true partnership with the doctor regarding my health.The staff is Top Notch! Worth every penny and evey second :) HEALTHcare for REAL!
Dr. Bergeron and the team at Real Health medical are awesome! They are professional, dedicated and caring. Creative and practical ideas and solutions. They take the time to listen and learn about you and your individual needs. I highly recommend them.
My experience could not have been better, as to : Excellent and comprehensive medical guidance; communicativeness, including succinctness and practitioner-listening.
Overall, really wonderful experience! They did a wonderful job of making me feel comfortable throughout my visit. I went for specific health reasons, and each person I met with did a wonderful job of speaking to ideas or theories that could help alleviate my health concerns. Excited to continue on this journey with them! (I did 4 out of 5 stars just because there were some things I wish I had known in advance - like how the labs I did were not until the end of the visit. Which it makes sense why they did it at the end, but would have been nice to know). Super minor, so overall great job!!!
Dr. Bergeron is the only doctor I know of that looks at the whole health situation and has a variety of tools and techniques. He really listens, makes you feel important and searches diligently to find answers to unique health situations. His staff are also very competent and customer oriented.
Very competent, caring, and responsive staff.Dr. Bergeron is well informed and offers alternative treatments that are effective and easier on the body-mind than many conventional ones.

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