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About Dayspring Cancer Clinic

We treat Cancer without Chemo.

At the heart of Dayspring Cancer Clinic, lies a decade-long commitment to offering personalized cancer care. Established over 10 years ago, our ethos revolves around understanding the intricacies of each patient’s unique cancer profile.

Unlike conventional clinics that lean towards high-volume care, Dayspring has always championed a boutique approach. By focusing on a select number of patients, we ensure that everyone receives undivided attention, leading to tailor-made therapies that resonate with their individual needs. This meticulous approach not only amplifies treatment efficiency but also optimizes resource use, ensuring both time and cost savings for our patients.

In today’s age of medical advancements, we staunchly believe in moving beyond a generic treatment module.

Our methodology pivots around leveraging state-of-the-art genetic testing, enabling us to craft treatments that echo the specific demands of each patient.

One of our pivotal tools in this journey is the karyogram, a comprehensive genetic map that offers a deep dive into the cancer cells’ genetic composition. Much like two distinct puzzles, even if they might seem analogous at first glance, the nuances lie in the arrangement of the pieces. The same holds for cancer: two patients, despite having similar cancer types, might possess varying genetic makeups, demanding unique treatment pathways.

But our dedication doesn’t stop at genetic specificity. At Dayspring, we are ardent proponents of a metabolic approach to combatting cancer.

Our treatments are crafted to target cancer cells universally, irrespective of the cancer type, ensuring a broad-spectrum attack.

Unlike traditional methodologies that often focus on treating symptoms, our vision is to identify and address the root cause of cancer. By understanding the innate reasons behind an immune system’s failure and bolstering its defenses, we aim to diminish the chances of recurrences and metastases significantly.

At Dayspring Cancer Clinic, our mission transcends beyond mere treatment.

We are dedicated to redefining the cancer care paradigm, ensuring that every patient steps out with renewed hope and a brighter tomorrow. Discover the Dayspring difference.

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Dayspring Cancer Clinic Cost and Additional Expenses

$35,000 for a 4 weeks program (5 days a week)

$250 – 90-minute initial consultation with Dr. Andrew Dickens

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Meet Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD


Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD

Andrew Dickens received his bachelor’s degree from Washington and Lee University in 1976 and then graduated with a B.Th. from The Way College of Biblical Research. He and his wife coordinated a non-denominational Bible fellowship in San Francisco for 18 years.

During that time, he saw a great need among people and was led to attend the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. He graduated in 2008.

Dr. Dickens received training including:

  • Anatomy
  • Microbiology
  • Botanical medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutrition
  • Acupuncture and TCM
  • Environmental medicine
  • Physical medicine
  • Pharmacotherapy
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2401 N Hayden Rd ste 114, Scottsdale, AZ 85257, USA

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Dayspring Cancer Clinic Reviews

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Dayspring Cancer Clinic
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After my Mother had a super amazing assessment and cancer treatment with Dr. Dickens, my sister and I made appointments to be assessed and treated for our non-cancer related illnesses. Dr. Dickens’ skill, insight, and quirky sense of humor were unlike any other. He is a wealth of knowledge and shows how much he enjoys what he does in the way he carefully explains his thinking and process. He is like your own personal Sherlock Homes as he investigates the root of what ails you.Katya was delightful and her light therapy was a wonder in itself. She always assured that I was comfortable and genuinely cares for the patients.Coleen, in the front office, is kind and patient and is the hub of the communication network! We travel from out of state for treatments, and she always seems to work some magic for us on short notice.If you can see Dr. Dickens for an assessment, please go before it’s your last resort or have felt failed by treatments elsewhere. He should be your first stop before you decide which kind of treatment, western or otherwise, is best for you.
Dr Dickens and Coleen were an absolute blessing as they treated our son for RMS. Dr Dickens expertise drew us to Dayspring Cancer Clinic with his vast experience and treatment options. Coleen treated our son and us like family while we were there for treatments. We all still stay in touch and I stop by and say hello. I recommend this clinic highly.My son's battle against cancer, and the relationship with Dr. Dickens launched a company, Neo7Bioscience. Neo7Bioscience focuses on preventing and curing cancer and other diseases in a far healthier way and with better efficacy than conventional treatments. Neo7Bioscience treatments are offered at Dayspring...ask them about them.Here is the review of Dayspring by Neo7Bioscience Founder and CEO:Dr. Andrew Dickens has truly impressed me with his innovative and compassionate approach to patient care. Through the use of Neo7Bioscience’s personalized peptide designs, he has created remarkable success stories for individuals facing advanced diseases. Witnessing patients not only overcome their challenges but also embrace a healthier life under his guidance is truly inspiring. Dr. Dickens’ expertise, coupled with Neo7Bioscience’s cutting-edge solutions, forges an exceptional partnership in the battle against illness. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Andrew Dickens for his unwavering dedication to personalized care, his consistently positive outcomes achieved through innovative thinking, and his integration of Neo7Bioscience’s groundbreaking peptide designs. — John A. Catanzaro, CEO Neo7Bioscience, Inc
Dayspring Cancer Clinic provides not only a place of healing and restoration, but a positive atmosphere of hope. When my mother arrived, she had just completed 15 radiation treatments for esophageal cancer. She couldn’t eat or talk. Within a very short time at Dayspring, her voice was completely restored and she can eat anything with ease. In addition, she has gained back the weight she lost due to her previous hospitalizations.Her energy is restored and instead of suffering like most cancer patients, she is regaining her life as it was pre-cancer. Dr. Dickens at Dayspring Cancer Clinic helped my mother dodge the bullet of a cancer diagnosis.PS.. she is 92
I brought my son here for treatment. Dr. Dickens was harsh and very difficult to communicate with. He uses a ball that he twirls with his hand to ask if he should use a certain medicine or piece of equipment to help decide if it was right for my son. He administered 3 IV’s per day, and didn’t tell me what they were unless I asked. When I asked he made me to feel bad. He administered a shot called hiltonol on my son’s cheek, and refused to show me how it helped other patients. When I asked him to show me how it helped others in his clinic he said “that’s not going to happen”. This shot made my son infinitely worse, and the swelling was even into his head. Dr. Dickens wanted to do 3 of these shots per week even though the swelling had not decreased. We spent $11,000 at his clinic over 6 days. I asked if we could itemize his treatment, and they told me it would cost even more than that. He only did IV’s and a few machines. My son is worse, and they took our money and did nothing. The only good part of the clinic is the sweet nurse. Please find any other place for treatment. We needed that money to help heal my son, but this doctor doesn’t care. He is haughty and proud and not in it to help patients, even kids.
Dayspring is an amazing healing clinic. Dr. Dickens truly cares for his patients individually. He determines the cause of the cancer and then establishes the treatment plan based on the individual patient's requirements. He always explains the test results and the different treatments.Katia is amazing in her encouraging words and caring personality. She is the cheerleader for each patient and seems to know just what each needs emotionally as well as physically throughout the treatment.Colleen is wonderful to help with medicine needs after treatment in the clinic.I can't imagine going anywhere else for cancer treatment.
Dr Dickens identified a root problem that has been effecting my health for, literally, decades. I’ve seen many other doctors and they never unveiled the cause of my illnesses. I am so very thankful for his expertise and to have a plan of action. I highly, and unequivocally, recommend Dr Dickens.
CellSonic is a scam Andrew dickens is under Investigation.
If there were more than 5 stars available for the level of service, options and overall attention and compassion from the entire staff and particularly Dr. Dickens they certainly deserve it. First and foremost Dr Dickens listens to and hears you! His approach is not a one therapy fits all, as he tailors a plan specifically to address your particular needs at the point in time you're there for treatment, and adjusts it as needed. He takes his time with patients so they don't feel as though they are on a constantlymoving conveyor belt or stuck in a rut. I call his approach to treating his patients as the "Dickens Protocol" I highly recommend his practice to anyone seeking options and real choice. It's worth it to you and your loved ones.
I wanted to go somewhere we're they are going to fix the problem not just put a bandaid on it while being over charged for it. My wife looked into many alternative places and found Dayspring cancer clinic. Dr. Dickens and his staff are the most caring I have seen. They want to take care of you! Customize treatments for you! They go out of their way to take care of you! If you want to be treated like a person and have the root problem of your cancer taken care of and not be just another number. Dayspring is the place to go.
Love that CellSonic! I've had phenomenal results with the treatment for 1) chronic low back pain (an SI Joint), 2) low grade jaw bone infection after teeth removed (called residual osteitis) and 3) treatment for an infection on my foot which came on after a bug bite on the sole of my foot between two toes while I was sleeping. Thank You Dr Dickens and Cellsonic!
I recently traveled from Michigan with my wife for treatment by Dr. Dickens's with his CellSonic device which is a revolutionary piece of medical technology that is largely unknown to the medical community. I was treated for a residual infection in my jaw from a badly infected tooth that was recently extracted. The treatment was simple, taking only minutes, and I can report that no longer have any pain in my jaw only a few days later.
Dr. Dickens has treated several of my family members. He is a knowledgeable, compassionate healer and his staff is warm and friendly and very efficient.
Best pain relief herb oil on the market, Rick Simpson, grown under the sun in the soil.
I want to thank Dr. Andrew Dickens and his amazing office manager Coleen for the most attentive, caring, loving, and personal service they offer to patients and coworkers . Dr. Dickens puts his whole heart into his work and is always studying the latest research and products to better his service . They make you feel totally at home and very comfortable. Day spring is highly recommended, not only for cancer but for wellness treatments .
Dear Dr. DickensI want to express my gratitude to you for taking care of me and my health for the past seven years or so. You are amazing in your scientific pursuit for excellence in medicine, for which I am eternally grateful. It is the greatest comfort to know that you are always there for me and for those that are in need of the very best medical services.Dr. Aldemir Coelho, the renown Thoracic Heart Surgeon, told to me, that you are the genius in your field of Medical Science.Thank you for being there for me, my wife, and my family.Eternally grateful,Delbert DJ KhamisBoard of DirectorsThe Stars FoundationInternational Artist
Dr. Andrew Dickens is a phenomenally talented and successful Cancer Doctor.I recommended a 40 year old Mother with stage four cancer to him who was very weak and could hardly move, talk, and recognize people.In a less than a week, the patient was with her husband grocery shopping.Dr. Dickens is constantly using the best cancer technologies in the world.

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