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About CMN Hospital

Established in 1985, CMN’s goal is to target cancer cells and destroy them, while simultaneously restoring the immune system’s innate ability to protect the body from bacterial, parasitic, fungal, viral infections and further growth of tumor cells and detoxify the body from cancer die-off cells and other toxins, with minimal side effects.


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CMN Hospital Cost and Additional Expenses

$30,000-$40,000,  a full 28 days treatment plan

The price includes:

  • Accommodation includes a private suite with room for an extra bed if a patient wants to bring a companion – at no extra cost.
  • Meals – Fresh, organic, Non-GMO, Dairy, sugar-free, and Gluten-free
  • Monthly Skype video sessions with Dr. Payan. – after discharge
  • An individualized at-home therapy treatment plan

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Available Treatments at CMN Hospital

Head Doctors

  • Dr. Edgar Payan

General Information


Residencias, 83448 San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico

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CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment
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Discover Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Heal Navigator patient advocates are here to assist you with finding options that suit your condition and budget.

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CMN Hospital Reviews

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April 2019
Jessie DiConti
Medical Condition Breast Cancer/Immune Disorder

My expectations were very high going into this hospital, reason being I had a special family member who was treated there and they were stage 4. It was everywhere. Its been 3 years for me with no chemo or radiation. I had made up my mind that that would be my absolute last resort if I became desperate. I arrived via Yuma, AZ. I stayed at the Holiday Inn by the airport where I was picked up via medical shuttle van. The woman was very kind and energetic. They helped me with my luggage while I sat in the lobby. The woman explained to me how everything was supposed to work, what treatments I was to do each day and answered any questions I had. As soon as we crossed over the border it was just minutes to the hospital. This place has a fully staffed hospital radiology facility for ct scans etc. They had operation theaters (rooms) and and had an ER room, a pharmacy, kitchen, dental office etc. There was a beautiful chapel inside and i passed a nursery as well. As soon as I was signed in. I was brought to my room which was lit with warm lights, had a soothing ambiance and staff that was friendly. I was was told it was time to get started on my treatment.
I met Dr. Payan a couple hours later and he was funny and sweet. He had such a positive attitude and never seemed worried about my condition. It was as if he knew I would be fine. I did all the treatments listed in the treatment summary. on this website. The rest of the assistant physicians and nurses I learned their names and they learned mine. I brought my daughter with me. She stayed in a bed just like mine and ate all of the organic foods and was encouraged to drink tons of water . That was one thing I noticed that was different than other hospitals, they brought water bottles to me throughout the day and they wanted US DRINKING. There was a shuttle that took me shopping or out to eat at a Mexican restaurant when I was feeling good. I was there for 28 days. I had the bone marrow stem cell therapy, ozone therapy, and so many other treatments including snacks from the kitchen. I left with 3 months supply of treatments to take with me. In my life, I have never been treated so special with such gentle loving care. I have phone numbers and emails to contact the staff and I know if my family ever gets cancer or a serious illness or disease that we will go to this hospital.

Previous Treatments None
Diet Organic
Improvements Blood results
December 2018
Medical Condition Breast Cancer Triple Positive

(May, 2020)
I have received my 8th ALL CLEAR PET Scan! Thank you again to Dr. Payan, Dr. Garcia and the wonderful team at CMN Hospital! I was there in 2015 and have been doing so good! Highly, Highly recommend CMN Hospital
(added bonus: the San Luis AZ border crossing is so quick and easy to get through and the people in San Luis Rio Colorado are gracious & kind, a safe little city)

(Dec. 2018)
CMN Hospital- I went to receive the Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant, Dendritic Cell immunotherapy, and all other treatments like Hyperbaric Chamber (ozone), their other ozone treatments, I.V.’s and Hyperthermia….and because CMN does NOT use any chemo, I.P.T. or oral chemo drugs. These were the most advanced treatments I could find for Alternative Cancer Treatment (that is impossible to find in the U.S. without having to do the chemo). I’m not sure if this matters to some but at CMN I felt HOPE and LOVE. It was important to me to feel safe at a hospital in a different country. San Luis Sonora is a safe little town, I felt so safe and happy there! I still stay in touch with Dr. Payan every month via video call for the last 2.5 years, he still guides me and cares about me. CMN Hospital changed my life. The treatments were so advanced, and they also believe in God, and healing your mind as well as body. AND…I just had my 6th ALL CLEAR scan! Dr. Payan is the best Doctor I have ever encountered. Highly, Highly recommend CMN Hospital.

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Improvements Blood results
November 2018
Medical Condition Lobular breast cancer with Mets to bones stage 4

It has been 5 weeks since I completed treatment. Since I have advanced cancer in my bones, I expect it will take some time to heal. I am planning to return to the hospital in 3 months for another round of treatment.

Can you share any important tips for anyone considering this clinic?

It is always best to start treatment ASAP. I had been doing other protocols and believe I would have responded quicker if I had begun treatment sooner.

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Diet Organic
Improvements General mood
October 2018
mark storey
Medical Condition PD1 stage 3 bowel cancer with peritoneal mets


After much searching I settled on CMN hospital because I felt wanted but not pressured, the Skype interview was thorough and relaxed and the contact was courteous and prompt but without coming across as desperate.

Upon arrival and throughout my stay I was treated very well, promptly and with care and love by all the team who genuinely seemed engaged with all patients.

Food was varied, cooked well and very very nice, really enjoyed the food.

The hospital did not make money an issue when my bank fouled up payment, it was mentioned, (I had just found out myself via the bank) but at no time did I feel pressured and it soon got sorted.

They offer a great range of treatments.


It’s location isn’t exactly a beauty spot but, since I was going to get treatment and not take my beach towels, it was something I was prepared to put up with.

Could do with some gym equipment although dr payan argued that he wants to create a relaxed atmosphere for his patients, it can leave the partners a little bored.


Note - This should be taken in extreme context of a specific condition.

Amongst the success stories there are failures, of the 3 patients who attended including me only 1 had a suessful remission. 2 got worse, including me. So on that very ridiculous market survey it has 33% success rate.

All patients take the same protocols, the programme isn’t patient specific, which I appreciate would be difficult, but, the fact remains that not all will respond positively.

My specific cancer type requires immunotherapy. If you know you are PD1 positive please do not take any other treatment or attend any alternative clinic, none of such similar clinics will work. (I hadn’t been confirmed such beforehand mores the pity).

Being picky

Having become adept working with bio resonance over last year I’d say dr payan under uses this therapy quite dramatically. It does have great effects if you believe your cancer to be pathogen led, for PD1 the programmes are sadly ineffective.

Proteolytic enzymes - uses a great product, I still take it today but, if enzyme therapy is the key to your specific cancer type (pancreatic cancer particularly) you need up to 100 a day, at CMN you get 3.

Dendritic cell therapy is unfortunately far too weak for PD1 cancer, peer reviewed papers prove this beyond doubt.


You will be greatly loved and respected at CMN but it’s one treatment for all style will not heal everyone.

For those like me who are PD1 I would strongly advise to take immunotherapy, like keytruda for example and avoid such types of clinics.

Some of the protocols at CMN are useful but, appear from other reviews to be much more potent for breast cancer patients. So, in that, some hope and confidence should be taken.

Before visiting any clinic and spending your life savings Please know EXACTLY what is wrong with you before committing, a histology report from a biopsy will show this.

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October 2018
Medical Condition Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Compassionate and friendly staff and wide range of daily treatments.

Previous Treatments Chemotherapy
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September 2018
Jamie Graham
Medical Condition Breast Cancer - Stage 4

There are no days off at this clinic - everyday, you would do your protocols, which were extensive. There was not a day that went by when I didn’t see a doctor. They were caring and efficient. The stem cell and dendritic therapies were effective.

Previous Treatments Surgery
Diet Organic
Improvements Better scans CT
September 2018
Babette G McCall
Medical Condition Stage 4 breast cancer mets to pleura

Background: Initially diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2000. Had radical mastectomy with rebuilt breast. Told me I would not live through the year without Chemo and Radiation. I refused both. At one year, my antigen count was 10 (below 35 is considered cancer free). All I did in that year was alter my diet (vegetarian) and took Raw apricot kernels. In 2016 was in major car accident. The oncologist in 2017 said it probably awakened a dormant cell in in June 2017 I was diagnosed as stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis to Pleura. This time it was inoperable and the doctor said he could do Chemo (which I had refused before) but it would not help for long if at all and my quality of life would deteriorate quickly. I went home very depressed. Eventually I started researching options and in late March, 2018 I discovered CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment Hospital in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico (right across the border from Yuma, AZ. I started the one month treatment program on April 3rd and spent the whole month in a private room receiving 13-15 different treatments daily - 7 days per week. Dr. Payan and all of the staff were fabulous, caring compassionate people. I have never had better care at any hospital in my entire life. Towards the end of my stay they performed an Autonomous Stem Cell Transplant, The cost of the entire stay was $39,000 US and you could even have someone stay in the private room with you, if you choose, including their food at no additional cost. While I was there I googled the cost in the US of Stem Cell transplant which fell in the range of $350,000 to $800,000! All of a sudden, the cost of the clinic became quite reasonable as just the co-pay and deductible in the US would have been more than that and would not include all of the other alternative treatments I received. I have been home from the clinic for 4 1/2 months. I will get my CT scan and blood work done at the six month mark. All I know is that I feel Great! I'm sure I am cancer free!

You will not regret choosing this Clinic. It is the cleanest Hospital I have ever been in. Dr. Payan, Dr. Garcia, all of the nursing staff and even the kitchen staff are incredibly attentive. Staff are bi-lingual and the town is safe to walk in (even alone). I love everything about the entire experience!

Previous Treatments Surgery
Diet Low Sugar
Improvements General mood
August 2018
Shannon Knight
Medical Condition Breast Cancer, Stage 4

** October 2020 Update**

CMN saved my life after UCLA gave up on me. I am celebrating 9-Years cancer-free! Thank you God and Thank you CMN hospital!
I am reunited with the love of my life and married now with 5 grandchildren and a sixth on the way.
After being told by UCLA in 2010 that I only had 3-12 months to live I have learned that medicine really is a “practice” and not a perfect science!
Over a decade, I discovered that each of us who are diagnosed with cancer quickly realizes that doctors cannot make us a promise, and that is the part that frightens us most. We want a guarantee, but it never comes. Doctors cannot make us a promise (It’s unethical)
The first time I was diagnosed in 2006 it was stage three breast cancer right out the gate! Stage 3? “What did I miss?” My left side lymph node under my arm had the largest of 4 tumors, and I know that was a red flag!
Once I was diagnosed, everything happened so fast. I wasn’t relaxed at all, and I felt defeat before I even hit the ground running.
I would never be the same woman again. It changes your life.
I arrived at more than one crossroads, and every path I saw was without a promise of successful treatment. Every road had a questionable outcome, but I had to choose one anyway. All roads led me to a final hospital that would ultimately save my life but if anyone had told me in 2006 to go to CMN Hospital at that time, I would have thought they were crazy! I had medicare, great insurance; why would I leave my country? I had a bilateral mastectomy at UW, and that came with serious consequences of staph infection. I did not do the recommended chemo, radiation or hormone blockers because I went through so much with all the IV antibiotics and having a difficult time getting rid of staph infection.
I was deemed cancer-free in May 2008.but I knew I was at risk for recurrence and metastasis because of my lymph node involvement.
Sure enough!
In July 2010, I had a recurrence of stage 4 after being misdiagnosed for 9 months with costochondritis and asthma. A biopsy of my sternum and lungs, finally confirmed that I had a recurrence of stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis to all lobes of my lungs, lymph nodes, soft tissue, and bones.
My fear was off the charts!

UCLA had a plan that started with radiation to prevent paralysis. I was able to do 22 of the 40 planned radiation treatments, which had to cease due to chronic coughing, which prevented me from lying still on the table. For conventional treatments, I never did chemo, not once or hormone blockers. Surgery and radiation caused so much collateral damage to my thyroid and scarred my lungs that there were no other treatments UCLA could could offer me while I was fighting a staph infection and the aggressiveness of my cancer.

Here I was at another crossroads- do I fight? I was afraid of dying. Denial worked out for me when I hit what I thought was a dead-end; that’s when the real courage had to come through. I had no more options available in the United States, but I felt hope again when I found CMN Hospital. I had no money, but my best girlfriends raised it for me and got me there.

I have nothing but good things to say about CMN Hospital. They saved my life! My twin sister got diagnosed with cancer 5 years later and went there too. Dr. Payan treated her successfully.
I prayed for answers. I believe God is already there shining a light, and He has led us in that direction.
Words that come to mind when I think of my experience at CMN I think of professionalism, patience, compassion, and daily advanced treatments. From the doctors, nurses, admins, cleaning, and food servers, the one common thread that runs through them is they all made me feel like I mattered.
I researched Stanford University for the Autologous bone marrow Stem cell transplant and Baylor University studies I learned about dendritic cells. Those two treatments alone are worth the cost.
I felt I had a chance when no one else could offer me that.
The meals were delicious and healthy, and I loved the snacks too.
I think CMN should be included in everyone’s research list. Talk to Doctor Payan and then talk to two or three other doctors.
Include Dr. Payan because even a conversation with him will comfort you, and they do not bug you with a thousand calls trying to get you as a patient. They are amazing. If you have faith and strong intuition about a cancer facility you think is right for you, go with it! Trust it. I am alive 9 years later because I trusted my intuition. You can contact me on my website

Can you share any important tips for anyone considering this clinic?

Video consult, be sure to call them and set one up, if considering :)
Most importantly follow your intuition and gut instinct when when choosing a hospital or clinic. That's what I did and it served me well I'm a live seven years later. What's good for me may not be good for you. You are unique individual and what feels right for one person may not feel right for the next. I wish everyone good health! Xoxo

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August 2018
Teresa O
Medical Condition Breast Cancer ER+ PR- HER+

I chose to have a mastectomy at CMN Hospital followed by 28 days of therapies. The whole experience was excellent. I am pleased with the results of surgery. I do not have any pain or lymphedema. I am now 16 months cancer free. I continue to use selected supplements including some natural aromatase inhibitors to address the ER+ aspect. The CMN doctors and staff are all knowledgable, competent, compassionate, and kind. They treat the whole person. The facility is very clean, small private hospital with emergencies services, surgeons, cardiologist, etc This is important for people that are very ill. A companion can stay in the room with the patient and receive meals (no extra charge). I went alone and I felt loved and safe. Patients can follow up via Skype with Dr. Payan

Can you share any important tips for anyone considering this clinic?

Call and talk with them without fear of being pushed. I like that they did not pursue me like some other facilities did after initial contact (CHIPSA Clinic Mexico was bad about this). You can Skype with Dr. Payan to ask treatment and medical questions. He is a very talented doctor and also very honest, kind and humble.

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